Proof of Concept (POC)

Information Balance (IB) offers a free-of-charge Proof of Concept to allow prospective clients see how ib-ARM works with a subset of their own source code.

Although a generic ib-ARM demo provides a great insight into how ib-ARM works, it always makes more sense when you see your own applications analyzed within ib-ARM. That’s the idea behind the Proof of Concept – take a subset of a client’s code and configure the tool for this code. The Proof of Concept site is made available via the internet so client staff can get their hands-on the tool and see how it works with their applications and code.

The client provides source code for the POC and ib-ARM is configured for that source code. Some customizations may be done, typically to demonstrate how ib-ARM can handle non-standard languages or coding constructs.

The attached document outlines the protocols around the Proof of Concept.

pdf Proof of Concept Protocols