The standard ib-ARM offering is a client-hosted ib-ARM site. The initial ib-ARM install is configured at IB, it is then installed by IB onto a client-hosted server and then administered by client staff.

The standard ib-ARM installation uses the following approach:

  1. Configuration – the ib-ARM site is configured based on the content of the applications provides by the client. The configuration may include:
    • New parsers for technologies not yet supported by ib-ARM.
    • Customizations for client-specific coding constructs. This often extracts the truly unique knowledge about applications.
  2. Installation – onto a client-hosted server. This can be a physical or virtual server.
  3. Training – after installation, training is provided on the Analyst Workbench to ensure client staff understand how to use and get benefit from the ib-ARM tool.
  4. Administration – administration is performed by the client staff. Refreshes are performed as required to update ib-ARM content.

pdf ib-ARM Standard Project Approach