We offer a number of licensing and service options related to ib-ARM. This page provides an overview of those solutions.

The standard ib-ARM offering is a client site install under a traditional software licensing agreement. The initial configuration is typically performed at IB and, upon acceptance, ported to a client-hosted server. Periodic refresh of the repository content is administered by client staff.

Our ARM*Cloud solution offers a hosted install of ib-ARM. Once the tool is configured and the repository is loaded with the client’s application portfolio, client staff is provided with secure internet access 7/24. Periodic refresh of the repository content may optionally be administered by IB staff.

Multi-Repository Option
The standard ib-ARM install consists of a single repository which typically contains the current production source code. The multi-repository option allows for multiple repositories which can be used to hold multiple versions of the same code collection. For example, there could be separate repositories for the development, integration / QA and production versions of the application source.

Proof of Concept (POC)
We offer a no-cost, no-obligation Proof of Concept to allow prospective clients to experience ib-ARM with a representative subset of their own source code.

On-site Delivery
Under the standard traditional licensing model the client’s code base is transmitted to our lab via secure FTP and the generation of the initial repository content is performed at our site. For special circumstances we offer professional services to perform a complete end-to-end on-site install.