Major retail pharmacy

Comprehensive systems documentation, analysis and search tool – Fall 2013 through Spring 2014

Major U.S. Retail Pharmacy identified the pressing need to document its systems portfolio and provide on-shore and off-shore staff with an effective tool for the search and analysis of application source code across a variety of languages and technologies.

The need was primarily driven by the fact that as systems were getting older, it became harder and harder to understand parts built on obscure technology. The front-end of the core application was written in SQL Windows, an older tool that is not well supported in the industry.

The engagement started with a proof of concept (POC) in which a portion of the portfolio was included and custom parsing was developed by IB to confirm that all technologies can be supported. After the POC successfully concluded, the ib-ARM installation proceeded using a phased approach. The first phase included several applications utilizing SQL Windows, Tuxedo services, C / Pro*C and Oracle (approximately 9 million lines of code). This phase allowed the developers and analysts to gain a clear understanding of how the Tuxedo services were being used within the applications, a requirement that was very difficult to fulfill prior to the ib-ARM install. It also identified a large amount of duplicate code present within the applications.

Following the installation, over 70 developers and analysts were trained over a two-day period in how to use the ib-ARM Analyst Workbench for effective search and analysis and how to use the Admin Workbench to refresh repository content. The first phase also included the installation of a multi-repository instance of ib-ARM which allows for parallel repositories for development, QA and production versions of the application source code.

Phase 2 added Java and web services applications to the portfolio. These web services connect to Tuxedo services that were included in Phase 1. Future phases are currently being planned.