Government agency

Legacy portfolio modernization – analysis of complete application portfolio. Spring through Fall 2012

Major government insurance agency was embarking on a transformation of the IT systems used across its enterprise. In order to successfully deliver that transformation, the agency decided to first complete the creation of an overall Application Portfolio Modernization Roadmap.

We worked in partnership with a major systems integrator to deliver the Application Portfolio Modernization Roadmap. ib-ARM was the key component in the delivery. The Application portfolio consisted of over 250 applications and 20 million lines of code across several mainframe and distributed platforms and databases.

ib-ARM analyzed the code of the applications to assist in assessing applications to be removed, replaced or rewritten. Applications were assessed for size, quality and complexity based on ARM-generated metrics and reports including cyclomatic complexity, function points, dead code, duplicate code, database complexity, application interfaces, comment lines of code and total lines of code. These metrics and reports helped to focus and define the scope of the on-going modernization effort.

Following the modernization project, the agency has retained the tool for use by their staff in the day-to-day support and maintenance of the application portfolio. ib-ARM is also being used to measure and assess progress as the modernization efforts continue.