Complete banking portfolio

Comprehensive systems documentation, analysis and search tool for a complete banking portfolio – Spring 2008 to Fall 2012

Major Canadian financial institution identified the need to provide its IT staff with a powerful, platform independent systems documentation, analysis and search tool that could operate across its entire systems portfolio. This need was driven by the realization that much of the up-front systems development and maintenance work involves repeated analysis: searching for and assessing existing application functionality; evaluating the scope and impact of contemplated changes in terms of development, testing and ongoing operations.

Given the highly integrated and heterogeneous nature of the systems portfolio, analysis work often spans many applications, technologies and platforms. A central, single tool would drive significant productivity improvements for the 200+ staff.

This organization knows what it wants: it issued a formal RFP with over 350 well defined requirements. Information Balance, along with other leading APM and Application Discovery vendors, was invited to respond… and successfully landed the engagement; conditional on the successful delivery of a Proof of Concept (POC). This POC, however, turns out to be something that we had never done before: it is not a mere 1-2 million lines of code to demonstrate functionality; it is a full blown implementation of 30 million lines of code involving a series of technologies across mainframe and web platforms, with a number of custom requirements thrown in.

The POC was successfully completed by the end of 2008 and the tool was rolled out to production throughout 2009 in four separate phases. ib-ARM is now an integral part of this IT shop’s development and maintenance practices. Various internal productivity benchmarks have confirmed complete payback of the investment within 6 months.

From early 2010 to the end of 2011, the ib-ARM install was enhanced to include several new applications on additional platforms that expanded the breadth of analysis that can be performed at the bank. In 2012, a second ib-ARM install was added to house various credit card applications of the bank. The bank now has a total of 50 million lines of code implemented in ib-ARM.