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Information Balance partners with Hartford Consulting Group to offer most comprehensive IT Portfolio Management solution
Published on: Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Global partnership will help organizations implement complete IT Portfolio Management solutions in record time

Hartfort Consulting

Information Balance (IB), a leading provider of Application Portfolio Management software – ib-ARM, and Hartford Consulting Group (HCG), the market leading provider of consulting services for Software AG’s Alfabet IT Portfolio Management software today announced a strategic global partnership to offer their clients a seamless integration of ib-ARM and Alfabet.

The partnership brings together two companies with many years of experience in helping businesses to implement practical and effective IT portfolio management solutions across North America. Under the terms of the agreement IB will develop a seamless interface to Alfabet to automate the initial seeding of the Alfabet repository with as-is application systems portfolio information. HCG will market ib-ARM to existing Alfabet installs to help accelerate roll-out, re-energize stalled implementations and to ultimately improve the quality and accuracy of portfolio data.

The integration of Alfabet and ib-ARM offers clients the optimum balance between top-down and bottom-up portfolio management approaches. Alfabet enables organizations to gain a comprehensive perspective on how IT can support business change by providing insight into all aspects of the IT portfolio: applications, technologies, projects, finances and risk. With ib-ARM the need for manual data collection related to applications is eliminated; the software generates application intelligence from the ultimate system of record: production source code.

Eric Hall, CEO of Hartford Consulting Group comments: “Many enterprises have invested in comprehensive IT portfolio management solutions over the last decade. We have been supporting Alfabet installs for years and have found that the initial seeding of the tool with application systems information is often a very time-consuming and challenging task. The completeness and accuracy of such information is critical to the effectiveness of portfolio planning exercises. With the integration of ib-ARM we believe we can overcome those challenges and help our clients reduce roll-out timeframes and accelerate their return on the Alfabet investment.”

Gabor Szirmak, President of Information Balance comments: “ib-ARM is a well-established application portfolio management and application discovery solution. The synergy between ib-ARM and Alfabet is the natural touch point between bottom-up and top-down insight into the application portfolio. We are very pleased to have formed a partnership with HCG and look forward to offering our clients a truly comprehensive IT portfolio management solution.”


NuWave Technologies and Information Balance Partner to Expand Application Modernization Practices in HP NonStop Space
Published on: Wednesday 8th April, 2015


Today NuWave Technologies, a software company offering solutions for the HP NonStop platform and Information Balance, a leading provider of application portfolio management software, announce a strategic partnership to expand their application modernization practices aimed at clients using the HP NonStop platform.

Both NuWave and Information Balance have experience catering to global clients who need to modernize applications running on business-critical servers. Information Balance’s ib-ARM (application roadmap) software prepares corporations for this process by providing insight into their current application structure, while NuWave’s solutions actually facilitate the modernization process for HP NonStop users. This partnership builds a bridge between the two sales teams, creating a streamlined journey for HP NonStop customers.

At the start of this journey, a sales representative from either NuWave or Information Balance will identify the unique needs of a customer and then provide accurate guidance as to whether one of the partners’ solutions would be a good fit. Whether a corporation is planning to modernize their applications, migrate them to another platform, or simply maintain them, ib-ARM can provide the information necessary for organizations to make these decisions and prepare for whichever route they’ve chosen to take.

When a corporation decides to modernize a number of their applications at once, Information Balance’s solution will provide developers with an inventory of all of their components before they make changes to their applications. For HP NonStop applications, NuWave’s software simplifies modernization without any application changes. NuWave’s SOAPam Client users can easily and securely access external information from their HP NonStop applications, enriching them in real time with current stock prices, currency exchange rates, suppliers’ price quotes, warehouse inventory, and anything else that is in the form of a SOAP Web service, or could be converted into a SOAP Web service.

Information Balance and NuWave Technologies are excited for this new partnership, and the teams will be working closely together to ensure that HP NonStop customers receive the right solutions to overcome their unique IT challenges.


Advanced partners with Information Balance to extend legacy application modernisation portfolio
Published on: Wednesday 4th March, 2015

Global partnership will help organisations reduce cost and time to modernisation by 40%



Advanced (formerly Transoft), a market leading software company, today announces a strategic global partnership with Information Balance (Infobal), a leading provider of application maintenance, development and modernisation solutions.

The partnership brings together two companies with many years of experience in helping businesses in both the USA and UK to increase agility and efficiency through legacy application modernisation. Under the terms of the agreement, Advanced will resell Infobal’s portfolio management solution, ib-ARM, to enable its UK and North American customers to reduce operating and maintenance costs by 40%.

Software modernisation reduces total cost of ownership and maintains quality assurance by ensuring legacy applications are compliant with industry and regional data management regulations.

ib-ARM assists organisations to migrate applications currently hosted on legacy platforms, including HP’s OpenVMS and IBM mainframes, to alternative modern environments which increases agility.

The robust solution creates a searchable database of information relating to all legacy applications, significantly streamlining the process of development and modernisation planning. Users can also easily understand language, code and data structures, in addition to the relationships between communications and web services used to deliver applications, assisting them to regain control of their core business processes.

Paul Holland, Vice President of Advanced (American office) comments: “Many enterprises rely on multiple legacy software applications which have been developed over several years by different programmers. Keeping track of changes and understanding how an application works can therefore become a complex, time-consuming and expensive process.

“ib-ARM will enable our customers to consolidate information about their software applications quickly and easily, typically reducing the time and associated costs by 40%. It will also equip them with the comprehensive information they need to ensure modernisation projects are successful whilst keeping business disruption to a minimum.”

Development teams from Advanced and Infobal will be working closely together in order to help businesses use ib-ARM effectively for planning and also to maintain audit trails of application development work on an ongoing basis.

Gabor Szirmak, CEO, Information Balance comments: “ib-ARM is a well-established solution that has been built on Infobal’s expertise in source code parsing, application software discovery and modernisation.

“We are very pleased to have formed a partnership with Advanced and look forward to collaborating with their teams in order to help organisations meet the challenge of future-proofing their business applications.”

Advanced is an Advanced Computer Software Group company. The Group recently won Tech Company of the Year in the prestigious UK Tech Awards 2014 and ranked in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50, which recognises the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the UK.


Information Balance in NuWave Technlogies’s HP NonStop Innovations Blog
Published on: Tuesday 24th February, 2015

NuWave Technologies is a leading provider of software and services for the HP NonStop platform. Read their blog entry here about ib-ARM and the HP NonStop platform.