The Power of ARM

ib-Application Road Map (ib-ARM) is a comprehensive Application Portfolio Management (APM) solution that provides IT staff with a repository of institutionalized application knowledge that helps reduce everyday task cycle time. From the component (metadata) inventory to the series of relationship maps users can easily navigate and trace all captured component types and their relationships, intra- and inter-application.

Why ib-ARM?

The benefit of ib-ARM is transparent insight into the technology and application architecture of a single (or multiple) application(s) with accompanying and relevant metrics. This allows IT shops to effectively deploy resources and set their maintenance priorities. ib-ARM delivers a seamless roadmap into applications across technology platforms significantly increasing productivity of most standard day-to-day tasks. ARM is particularly indispensable in shops with aging and diminishing application knowledge; the ARM repository serves as the shop’s institutionalized knowledge base.

Industry and our own client benchmarks have confirmed 15-25% overall savings of IT costs related to projects using ib-ARM. Typical implementations have complete payback within 9-12 months.

The following document describes the strengths of ib-ARM:

pdfib-ARM Strengths and Benefits

Connected View of Components

Today, information about IT artifacts and their relationships exist in a variety of isolated silos; source code, database and file definitions, documentation, models, operational information, etc. all have their own segregated repositories.

Although there are some special purpose tools that allow IT staff to manipulate information in these silos, semantic connections that exist between artifacts across different silos remain hidden and invisible. To find those links (and typical every-day IT tasks regularly require that such links be uncovered) is a tedious, time-consuming, and costly manual exercise.

By extracting relevant information about artifacts from their respective silos and discovering the semantic relationships that exist between them, a true APM solution, like ib-ARM allows to gain 360 degree visibility into the IT landscape. The IT shop moves from isolated silos of information to a connected view of related artifacts.

Arm Conceptual View