Technical Details

ib-ARM Technical Overview

The focus of ib-ARM is the presentation of intelligence related to application objects, including the dependencies between the various objects. ib-ARM integrates this large volume of ‘detail level’ information to give higher-level views showing the object interactions in the context of each application and how they relate to the broader system. These views can significantly aid the understanding of IT staff and reduce the learning curve dramatically.

The information is captured and organized in a centralized database repository and presented via a user-friendly browser-based interface.

The document below describes the overall architecture and structure of the tool, the underlying software and the installation requirements.

pdf Technical Overview


Installation hardware and software requirements

For Client-hosted installations, ib-ARM is installed on a Windows server and it uses the MySQL database engine. The Windows server can be a physical or a virtual server. The document below contains detailed configurations for the required hardware and software based the size of the portfolio (lines of code) and the number of users.

pdf Installation Hardware And Software Requirements