Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard Features

The ib-ARM Dashboard is the key component for delivering metrics and summary information about the applications in the portfolio and the portfolio as a whole. The Dashboard includes a rich set of functionality to assist in the management of and planning for the application portfolio. This includes:

  • Application metrics – size, complexity and quality – are generated directly from parsed source code for each application and the portfolio as a whole, and presented via the tool’s dashboard. These metrics provide input to the assessment and comparison of applications and application subsets.
  • Interfaces – interfaces between applications are presented in a graphical format. The ability to drill down to find out complete details about the types of interfaces between applications is also provided.
  • Reports – several reports are generated from the repository database and presented via the tool’s dashboard. The reports include: dead code, duplicate code, unreferenced components and application complexity. These reports provide input to the assessment and refactoring of applications.

pdf Dashboard Screen Shots

Who Benefits?
Anyone who needs to view the applications as a whole and understand the interfaces between them will greatly benefit from having that information already compiled and in a single source. This includes:

  • Application Managers
    • Assess and compare applications in terms of size, complexity and quality
    • Assess the need to refactor application components based on size, complexity and quality
    • Evaluate cost of maintenance in the context of application functionality and complexity
    • Monitor and manage application volatility
  • Architects
    • Assess feasibility and cost of re-engineering and re-platforming options and alternatives.
    • Map current systems architecture across platforms, types of applications (transactional, decision support, customer self-serve, etc.), with information/data flows and transformation.