List of Parsers

ib-ARM includes 80+ parsers covering all major technologies, languages and databases. ib-ARM parses every type of artifact with an electronic footprint and every relationship between those artifacts – across applications and across technology boundaries.

ib-ARM’s parsers cover all mainstream mainframe, client-server and web technologies including IBM mainframe (z/OS), iSeries (AS400), Unix/Linux/AIX, Windows, HP Tandem NonStop, HP 3000 and OpenVMS.

ib-ARM’s parsers fall into several categories:

  1. Application Languages: program source code, copy book, Class definition, Job control and scripting languages, SOA, input / output definitions (screens, reports).
  2. Application Databases: database and file definitions, database procedures and routines, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools.
  3. Document artifacts: extract non-code based information from Design and Model documentation (tool-based or simple office documentation), Requirement definitions, Functional Specifications, Test Scripts, Test Cases, etc.
  4. Infrastructure – Schedulers: information from Job Schedulers.

ib-ARM utilizes proprietary source code parsers to provide the most comprehensive source code analysis solution in the industry today. In addition, we create new parsers as required based on grammars and templates to ensure complete coverage of all application related artifact types.

pdf ib-ARM Parser List