Product Overview


ib-Application Road Map (ib-ARM) is a comprehensive APM solution that provides IT staff with a repository of institutionalized application knowledge that helps reduce everyday task cycle time. ib-ARM has two distinct subsystems: the Administrator Workbench houses functionality that is aimed at content creation (parsing, mapping and loading of the repository), general house-keeping and user administration. The Analyst Workbench provides end-users with functionality to view, print and/or export repository content.

Analyst Workbench
From the component (metadata) inventory to the series of relationship maps, users can easily navigate and trace all captured component types and their relationships, intra- and inter-application. The tool’s extensive search capability allows fast access to metadata component and source references across all included technologies. The impact analysis facility, using configurable analysis rules, traces direct and transitive relationships via data-flows up and down stream as they exist in the application and quantifies impact in terms of effort and cost. Extensive visualization of the inherent application structure helps discovery and application understanding. Call trees, job flows, flow charts,inheritance diagrams, physical data model diagrams are generated dynamically and can be searched, printed and exported.

pdf Analyst Workbench Screen Shots

Management Dashboard
Application metrics – size, complexity and quality – are generated directly from parsed source code for each application and the portfolio as a whole, and presented via the tool’s dashboard.

pdf Dashboard Screen Shots

Administrator Workbench
The main function of the Administrator Workbench is automated content generation/refresh, utilizing ARM’s extensive parser set , relationship mapping engine and load facility. A proprietary parser generator frame-work allows the creation of new parsers when new technologies are encountered.

pdf Admininistrator Workbench Details

List of Parsers
One of the strengths of the ib-ARM product is our 80+ parsers. ARM always generates a semantic interpretation of the parsed source based on a pre-defined grammar. The standard parsers cover all mainstream mainframe, client-server and web technologies.

pdf ib-ARM Parser List