Software Quality Assurance

It is the goal of all software development organizations to create and maintain high quality application software. But in many cases they have no clear plan for how to achieve this goal. Development staff and management alike are unclear whether the right approaches are being used and whether the right amount of testing is being done. Tools and approaches are available to assist software quality assurance practices based on detailed, up-to-date application understanding.

Some common software quality assurance questions are:

  • What should be tested?
  • Are we testing enough?
  • Are we testing too much? Some organizations over-test in an effort to reduce the risk of missing some key aspect of the application.
  • Are our test cases providing sufficient coverage?
  • What is not being covered by our test cases?

ib-ARM provides search, impact analysis and reporting capabilities to assist developers, testers and quality assurance (QA) staff in answering these questions.

pdf Software Quality Assurance with ib-ARM