Service Oriented Architectures

Web services provide a standards-based method for invoking functional services located either internal or external to the organization. Architectures utilizing such web services are referred to as service-oriented architectures (SOA). There is undeniable benefit to building systems based on well-defined, self-contained services that deliver effective business functions.

However, for many organizations there are major challenges in migrating existing systems to service-oriented architectures and in maintaining SOA-based application software after it has been developed. ib-ARM is uniquely positioned to help in both of these key application management functions.

Typical conditions driving a move to service oriented architectures are:

  • Need to reuse software assets
  • Huge value in reusing software assets by migrating legacy software to SOA-enabled applications

Some of the difficulties or pain points faced with service oriented architectures are:

  • Understanding current legacy applications
  • Extracting starting point business services in legacy applications
  • Understanding service-enabled applications – understanding services requesters and providers

pdf Service Oriented Architectures with ib-ARM