Application Sustainment

In many cases, organizations are required to maintain and sustain existing applications. However, the growing expense of prolonging the life of legacy systems motivates the need for greater discipline and efficiencies in application sustainment.

Typical conditions driving application sustainment are:

  • Business as usual…maintain and enhance an existing application
  • Replacement / sun-setting are not viable options

Some of the difficulties or pain points faced in Application Sustainment are:

  • Diminishing application knowledge / understanding
  • Need to reduce head count but maintain current level of service (do same with less)
  • Need to handle increasing workload with current staffing level (do more with same resources)
  • Need to reduce time for new resources to become productive (reduce the learning curve)

ib-ARM is instrumental in providing up-to-date automated system documentation that provides detailed application knowledge and understanding and significantly reduces staff learning curves.

pdf Application Sustainment With ib-ARM