Application Portfolio Management

An Application systems portfolio represents a major investment for an organization. It is a major asset that is critical to the day-to-day operation of the business and perhaps most importantly, it costs significant financial resources just to maintain and support this asset. Application Managers need to constantly do more with less.

Typical issues in application management are:

  • Costs to support an application
  • Duplicate functionality due mergers and acquisitions
  • Diminishing application knowledge / understanding
  • Need to reduce head count but maintain current level of service (do same with less)
  • Need to handle increasing workload with current staffing level (do more with same)
  • Need to reduce time for new resources to become productive (learning curve)

Application managers require a number of disciplines to effectively manage an application portfolio of custom application software. ib-ARM provides support for these disciplines.

The application dashboard provides metrics and reports about the Applications within the Portfolio. These metrics are provided at both the Portfolio and the Application level. The metrics and reports include:

  • Size – lines of code, function points
  • Complexity – cyclomatic complexity, database complexity
  • Quality – dead code, duplicate code, unreferenced code, percentage of comments
  • Interfaces – details of interfaces between applications in the repository and where possible, to applications outside the repository. This is of particular help when de-commissioning an Application.

pdf Application Portfolio Management with ib-ARM