Application Modernization

Although application systems represent a major asset that is critical to the day-to-day operation of the business, there are times when applications become prohibitively difficult or expensive to maintain. While budget may not be available for a complete application replacement, modernizing these applications to more maintainable and more cost-effective platforms is often the best option for cost-conscious application managers.

Typical conditions driving application modernization are:

  • Sun-setting is economically not a viable option
  • Core functionality is solid and continues to satisfy requirements
  • New business requirements / functionality are inhibited by existing application architecture or made extremely cumbersome to introduce

Some of the difficulties or pain points faced in application modernization:

  • Need to understand application structure, architecture, design, etc.
  • Limited reliable systems documentation of inherent architecture, functionality
  • Need to reduce learning curve of new staff

ib-ARM is instrumental in providing up-to-date automated system documentation that describes application structure and components and provides a proven method of reducing staff learning curves.

pdf Application Modernization With ib-ARM