How does it help

The solution is simple and elegant in its concept. Create an omnipresent, integrated information base that provides ready answers to typical questions and inquiries that otherwise take days and weeks to answer. Reduce the compiling of fragmented information from days and weeks to minutes. Eliminate waste, save money and resources that can then be deployed to new development, delivering real business value.

ib-ARM (IB Application Road Map), IB’s proprietary technology, offers that very solution. It creates and presents a repository of relevant system components and their intra- and inter-systems relationships. The integrated information base is delivered to the desk of every IT worker via a simple to use, function-rich browser-based tool. It becomes an effective aid to every aspect of application discovery, application understanding and plain vanilla application support and maintenance.

Anyone who needs to synthesize information that comes from disparate sources will greatly benefit from having that information already compiled and correlated in a single location.

The key value of ib-ARM is Productivity

ARM provides up-to-date analysis, diagrams, reports and other insights into Application structure and understanding that would otherwise be done less quickly, less accurately or not at all.

Beyond the proven and much bench-marked productivity improvements that an APM solution can drive in the Application Sustainment context, ib-ARM can be a key element in Application Modernization initiatives. ib-ARM enables the speedy discovery and mapping of all IT artifacts and helps understanding how those artifacts are used in the delivery of application functionality. That understanding sets the stage for identifying what specific parts of an application can be retained and transformed and what parts need to be replaced.