ARM is a Productivity tool

In a relatively well organized and mature IT shop, an APM tool like ib-ARM offers very little, if any, new capabilities to the day-to-day work of IT staff. But when the use of the tool is incorporated into existing work patterns and practices, it contributes to faster turnaround and increased accuracy and precision for many tasks faced by analysts, architects, developers and testers. Aside from its contribution to application assessment and strategic planning, an APM tool that is populated via parsed production source is fundamentally a productivity solution. As net new funding is rarely available for such acquisitions, a complete return of the investment within one or two budget cycles must be demonstrated.

As a matter of standard engagement practice, we preface every prospective ib-ARM install with a careful ROI assessment. Our ROI model has been fine-tuned over the years and provides a proven, accurate assessment of the savings potential. Our unique, field-tested benchmark methodology allows for the verification of anticipated productivity gains post-implementation. For more on how to measure tangible productivity gains, read the White Paper “A Practical Framework for: Measuring ROI of an APM investment”.

pdfMeasuring ROI on APM Investment

Quick ROI

Refer to the table below to see how long it might take to realize a complete payback of your potential investment in ib-ARM. Estimate the size of your application portfolio in terms of Lines of Code (LOC) and determine the number of IT staff deployed to support that portfolio. Then check the matrix to see how long it would take to realize a complete return on your initial investment.



Detailed ROI

If you are interested in a more detailed and tailored ROI assessment please send an email to and request your personalized ROI model. Include an estimation of your portfolio size (in terms of number of lines of code) and the number of staff deployed to support the portfolio.