Value Proposition

We have streamlined years of practical, hands-on software development and business experience into a solutions delivery framework that is characterized by repeatable processes and best practices, readily adaptable to suit individual client requirements. Our clients receive custom-tailored installs quickly and efficiently on time and within budget, every time.

Quality is inherently built into everything we do.

With the right combination of processes/methods, tools and technology, people and management discipline we are able to drive value for our clients:

  1. we offer more in terms of solution, features, functionality for the same investment
  2. we deliver faster, enabling our clients to reap the benefits of our solution earlier
  3. we deliver at a lower total cost

The IB Client Experience

Our value proposition help us win new clients. What allows us to KEEP CUSTOMERS and secure repeat business is how we execute our engagements. We strive to create a unique client experience by delivering on each of the following five experience drivers:

  1. Reliability – we do what we say, we say what we do
  2. Flexibility – we do not irritate our clients with “our way only”
  3. Customer Service – we understand that the essence of the experience is not so much what is being done, but how it’s being done. We want to hear from our clients and listen to them throughout the relationship. We strive for “customer delight”.
  4. Value – we always provide more than expected for the investment we always deliver the best possible solution at the lowest possible price
  5. Quality – when something leaves our hands it is as good as it can be

Delivering on these experience drivers is pervasive throughout the organization, from (the first phone call to a client to the final invoice) sales and marketing through service delivery to finance and administration.